“Great.” I said to my mother. She was going on again about her show.

“Abby Boyd is going to be there tomorrow again talking about her latest movie.”

“That’s cool mom.” I said nodding my head but not looking up from my phone. “I’m gonna head over to Mass’s estate soon to pack for the trip.”

“Do you think this, or this looks better?” Merri Lee asks, holding up two different shirts up to her her torso. Of course she wasn’t paying any attention to what I was say.

“Bye mom.” I said, sauntering out of the house to settle into my Mustang Convertible, before i turned the key in the ignition my phone made a noise alerting me that I had recieved a text message.

I rolled my eyes, she didn’t even give an explanation. Whatever.

I drove of into the direction of the block estate.


I fell backwards onto my white duvet. Packing was exhausting but I was so ready for the trip. We had fun packimg even without Alicia but we still had no idea what was more important.

I stood up from my bed and smoothed it out. Wiggling out of my skinny jeans I replaced them with a pair of PINK sweatpants and a Ralph by Ralph Lauren magnified sad face t-shirt.

I crawled into my bed and slowly drifted to sleep.


This is boring but idrc because at least I posted.